The Panama Hammock
The ultimate in relaxed comfort
Stretch out and relax in the cloud of comfort of a Panama hammock. The dense bed of support gives the ultimate in balance and back support for superb relaxation. Made to last from silky, double woven, knotless nylon, tested for durability and comfort it will support more than 250 Kg.
> Exclusive adjustable edge line can raise either side of the Panama hammock for you to recline and read or lay back and take a nap.
> Durable and colour fast even in humid and wet conditions.
> Designed for you to lie across or along.
> Over 2.4 meters wide when stretched out, 4 meters long.
> Also suitable for indoor use and will make a decorative addition to any patio.
> Warranty for one year against manufacturers defects.
> Can be shipped to any country worldwide. Please contact for a freight paid quote, minimum quantities may apply.
> Individually packaged in a reusable mesh bag with draw cord and toggle. This bag is in turn packaged inside a plastic bag which has the above colour pamphlet (A4) inserted as point of sale aid.
> Not subject to the US Consumer Products Safety Commission recall of hammocks. Link:http://www.cpsc.gov./cpscpub/prerel/prhtml96/96125.html
> Designed in Australia made in China.
> Sample will be sent EMS on receipt of a faxed request on company letterhead. Fax # 61 2 9518 8372.
> Consistency of product, no matter what the size of your order we guarantee that you will receive a product of uniform high quality.
> Available immediately ex stock.
> The A4 Colour pamphlet can be translated into any language with your company name as distributor. Please allow some time for translation and printing.
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