Seasonal Throwover
Lychees & Stone Fruit
Knitted interlocked two ply construction that resists fraying. Otco nets have reinforced selvedges and a reinforced zone for 600mm in from the edges. This reinforcement allows the nets to be joined overhead, the reinforcement giving strength at the join where it is needed. Coloured marks at edge and centre help position the net.
High density polyethylene knitted in a multi ply construction. UV stabilised using up to date technology and light stabilisers produced by Ciba-Geigy.
Hanging Marks:
A coloured mark at the centre of the net helps position it evenly over the crop. Marks on both edges show where the reinforced zone ends. Tags are placed every 12 meters so the operator can easily check that the nets are going out at the right tension.
Application of net over trees:
What follows are a couple of ways grower have used to protect their trees.
1. Tunnel Netting. See Illustration #1, A row of poly pipes are bent over the trees to keep the net from resting directly on the tree. The pipes are placed over pickets that have been driven into the ground.
2. Triple wire cross. See illustration #2, Strong posts are erected at each end of the row, one wire is strung from the top and two from the cross arms. Sometimes the cross arms are spreaders only, this allows both wires to come back to the end posts and be properly stayed.
Fully Enclosed Canopy
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