Permanent Canopy
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This is a Queensland DPI publication by Peter Rigden. It illustrates different ways of using netting and some of the pitfalls.
This kind of bird net is used where the fruiting season of the crop is long or
constant access is needed. Hal net is always erected as permanent canopy net.
Crops such as blueberries and lychees can use either this kind of permanent
bird net or throwover bird net.

The conventional way to erect this kind of netting is to first erect a structure

using 6 or 7.5mm cable. These structures should be signed off by a structural

engineer as the forces generated by wide expanses of net in high winds can

be very high and the design will be affected by local factors such as the terrain

and the holding power of the ground.

A wire is then inserted into the reinforced edge of the net, the net is then

clipped to the cable using specially designed clips. These clips should be

placed at intervals such that they will fail before the net or the structure, so if

there is an extreme event such as a cyclone you don't lose everything and the

netting can be re-clipped. The spacing of the clips will depend on the porosity

of the net used and the tension it is strung at, again sound engineering advice

is recommended.

All our permanent netting has an internal selvedge half way across the width of
the net to enable two narrower nets to be cut from the same bale while keeping
the reinforced edges necessary to hang the net. All of these nets have hanging
marks every 10 meters to assist in hanging the net at the correct tension.
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